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   On one dark stormy morning in Jump City Baby Hospital, the only one left for Robin lay upon the bed. "Rae,' Robin started as he stroked her hair, 'Your 58 years old and having a baby. I mean, usally 20 year olds have babies not 58 year olds. It's not Heathly!"
               "Look Richard, I'm not very happy about this eathier but,' "But nothing!!!!" Robin interuppted. "You know that a baby has to be made with a boy too...." she said in a snobby tone. Robin blushed and sat down, "Mabe i should shut-up now," he said bashfully, and then Raven started coughing. "Are you okay Rae?" he said. "Of course! It's a cough, just a little cough!" she yelled, then coughed some more. "Richard, you can go now." said the doctor. "What do you mean go?!?! It's my baby too! babies have to be made with boys too!!!!!" he yelled as Raven rolled her eyes.
              "Richard, I know what your felling but, she is 58 and we've never preformed a, surjury like this. so please leave." the doctor presisted. "okay Dr.Moorga. See You soon Rae," he said and left. "Daddy! Daddy! Where's my baby sister?!?!??!" asked a small 4 year old boy. "Kemo, your sister is in mommy's tummy still." he said. Then he started to think about the talk Raven and him had only a coulple weeks ago.
        (Flash back montage) *"Richard, I want our baby girl to be named Lucy."Raven sighed. "of Course Rae, but still, 58!?!?? Your 58 and still confident!??!?!" he yelled. "Yes honey. Now get Kemo down here, he's going to miss his own 4th birthday party!" Raven replied.* (End of flashback montage.)
        a nurse came running out of the room where Raven was, "Mr.Richard Grayson, come quickly!" she yelled in a hurried voice, as she panted for air. "Kemo come on!" Robin yelled and picked up Kemo. "Mr.Moorga, you wanted to see me?" he said. "Yes Mr.Grayson,'he paulsed 'Nurse! Come here and take the little boy to the playground please!" he yelled. "Dr.Moorga, why'd the nurse take Kemo to the playground?" Robin asked. "Because, We shouldn't tell him about this now, The playground is going to be the only happy thing he'll see for years." Dr.Moorga said. "What do you mean?" Robin yelled. "I mean, i think you should follow me," Dr. Moorga sighed. "Okay," said Robin. *gasp!* "What did you do to her?!?!?" he yelled. "What did you do to my wife!?!?" he yelled agian. "Mr.Grayson, we did nothing, we are acually saving her. That's why the tubes are there, but she still has a few minutes, about an Halfhour. Go talk to your wife while you can. I quess the elderly shouldn't have babies." he said and walked away.
Love -N- War chapter 1 by ~kelseyTHEttLUVR

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January 2, 2008
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